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My photography style, as you have most probably seen, is something that’s more personal, sensual and raw. My core motivation is to help you embrace that incredible body of yours. I want to remind you just how beautiful, sensual, sexy and human you really are. Let’s get raw for a minute. We are all sexual beings; we have to be for humanity to survive. Unfortunately, when it comes to feeling sexy and in tune with ourselves, it’s usually filtered and obscured by what the little evil media messages say to our vulnerable insecurities. Our perceived view becomes distorted and clouds our own judgement on ourselves. But what if we could clear some of these clouds, the doubt and negativity and just be our sensual sexy selves?

This is why Intimate Portraiture is more than just Boudoir. It’s pushing past your insecurities and boundaries; it’s capturing your intimate essence. The very essence that makes you a sensual, beautiful human being no matter your shape, age or journey. It's an investment in yourself that is worth it.

Each and every single person is guided the whole time and believe it or not, everyone who has done a shoot with me will say it’s a workout! I flow pose you throughout the whole session, capturing different angles, accentuating all your beautiful assets. We’ll have some laughs too, that is inevitable. Then when you get to see yourself in your gorgeous images, I want you to finally see yourself.

“Intimate Portraiture is more than just Boudoir, it’s your inner essence.”



“OMG I had such an amazing time. Thank you for making me feel comfortable and being awesome. I am so incredibly impressed with the photos”

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